Bilateral wire fence

Bilateral wire fence


Material: Low carbon steel wire, PVC coated wire

▪Refined design, lower prices, convenient installation

▪Easy to transport, install the undulating terrain without restrictions





Bilateral Wire Fence, also known as Bilateral Fence Wire Mesh, Bilateral wire welded mesh fence,Bilateral Wire Mesh Fence is often used by people inthe south because of regional differences. Northerners are used to calling it a fence net. China’s Bilateral Wire Fence are mainly divided into: Garden Fence, Railway Fence, Bridge Fence, Highway Fence, Sports Fence, Airport Fence, etc. (use is extremely wide).

Bilateral Fence Wire Mesh characteristics:

1. The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical.

2.  Easy to transport, installation is not limited by terrain fluctuations.

3.  It is especially adaptable to the more curved areas of mountain slopes.

4. The price is low, suitable for large areas.

Bilateral wire welded mesh fence Materials: 

Bilateral wire welded mesh fence is made of high quality low carbon steel wire,Low-carbon Steel Wire, Galvanized iron wire

Bilateral Wire Mesh Fence Usage:

As a china Bilateral wire fence supplier, our Bilateral Wire Mesh Fence are widely used in protecting railway, expressways, ports,airport, and station .  Beautiful and firm.

Surface Treatment: Hot dipped Galvanized,Electric Galvanized, PVC coated,etc.

a.Grid structure concise beautiful and practical

b.Easy to transport , install the terrain without restriction

c.Especially for the mountain ,slope, and mor highly curved areas adaptation

d.The price was relatively low for large-scale use



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