Warehouse Workshop Fence

Warehouse Workshop Fence

Portfolio Description

Yellow is bright and popular color in life, it is widely used in fencing. Warehouse Workshop Fence is used as warehouse isolation belt or workshop safety belt net ,so it is also called warehouse isolation fence .It is mainly used to isolate goods and surround the machines. Separation fence installs in a important place, used to cause caution and markedness, so we choice yellow as leading color.


Material of separation fence is low carbon steel wire or alloy wire, processing way is welded or woven, with frame or no frame. some unimportant place can use wave fence. Mesh panel is welded with frame.


Separation fence surface treatment: power coated or spraying plastic. Base on different environment of workshops, need design drawing, we will produce base on detailed sizes.


Colors: green RAL6005, red, blue, yellow,whiteRAL9010 and so on.Dark Green RAL6005 is most popualr.